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The Premium Hotel in New Orleans, in the heart of the French Quarter.@gominplanet

Review: Hotel Monteleone in New Orleans - The Heartbeat of a City

The minute we stepped into Hotel Monteleone we knew it was going to be something special. Everyone greeted us with a smile and a “hello”, but not the fake kind, it felt sincere. We felt like we were taken back in time, a time where customer service mattered and going above didn’t cost extra. Read More...

Understanding ISO, Shutter Speed & F-Stop

People often ask us what settings we use when shooting with our Sony A7 mirrorless camera and we often reply directly with a few pointers. One of our followers (go follow her @wanderlusterprincess) bought the latest Sony camera based on our recommendation, so we felt the need to go into a little more than just a few quick tips. Here is our shooting guide and basic understanding of camera settings. Hope you guys find it helpful. Read More...
Best DNS blocker and Cheapest

The Best DNS Blocker for Travelers - Netflix, Hulu, Fubo, Amazon

Whether you are a traveling nomad, have relocated outside of the United States or simply want to enjoy some of that US programming; you've probably spent hours trying to spoof your DNS, invested in some pretty shady unblock services or just gave up entirely. You are not alone! We were looking for the best (and cheapest) way to stream US Netflix (you must know about the different regions and shows they offer by now), Hulu and Fubo ands we found it!
Zemi Beach House Resort & Spa

Review: Zemi Beach House Hotel & Spa in Anguilla - The New Best Place on Earth?

We can't  talk about Zemi Beach House Hotel & Spa before talking about Anguilla. As many of you know, we live on St. Maarten and have had the opportunity to island hop quite a bit. Last week-end was no exception, as Anguilla being one of our favorite destinations for its proximity and epic pristine beaches and only a 20 minute ferry ride away. Anguilla is a British overseas territory, east of Puerto Rico, that was named by Christopher Columbus for its "eel" shape (Anguilla means eel in Spanish).
Top Tricks for Instagram Photography and Editing

7 Tips on How to Shoot & Edit Instagram Photos

Most users on Instagram are not professional photographers. Most of us don't have the crazy gear the pros can afford and yet, some of us can achieve some pretty amazing results. It's all in the little tricks we will share with you today.

St. Maarten's Lowest Airplane Approach Caught on Video

Many have asked about our airport and its famous plane spotting location. Princess Juliana Airport (SXM) has been the main Dutch side airport since 1942. In 1997, the government commissioned a major upgrade of the main terminal that would happen in three phases. We are, in 2018, still in phase 3. The video above shows a PAWA airplane in 2016 in one of the lowest approaches ever caught on video (yes, this was caught with Michelle's iPhone in 120fps).
Instagram Stories Highlight Free Icons Download@gominplanet

FREE - 3 Photoshop Templates for Instagram Stories

Hey there fellow travelers, we have been loving using Instagram Stories ever since it came out and we want to share with you 3 templates we created on Photoshop. The download is FREE and you can use it however you want. (as long as you don’t try and sell it). The download is just over 25MB (as a ZIP file) and the 3 templates are contained on the same psd file.
Insta Flat - Free Lightroom Preset

FREE "Insta-Flat" Lightroom Preset

We call it the “Insta Flat” and it works wonders on any portrait, nature shots and some architecture images. We love it so much and we can’t wait to see what you guys come up with – tag us in your images @gominplanet . Let us know if this is something you would like more of and we’ll get to work. Share this link with anyone that might be interested in “upping their Instagram game.
18 Lightroom Presets that will change your photography game
Hotel Storm and Gomin Planet offer gin up to 55% in hotel deals

Discounts with HotelStorm & Gominplanet - The Breakdown

We've been dropping hints for weeks now. We are so excited to…

St. Maarten Carnival Grand Parade 2018

Watch our fast paced video on the colorful St. Maarten Carnival's…


Michelle & Seb, avid travelers and married couple living in St. Maarten. We love sharing our various adventures with all of you. Here, you will find tips on inexpensive traveling and how to live it up in the lap of luxury or how to take that perfect photo and how to grow your social media accounts. We learn as we go along and share all of our findings with you.

We don’t take ourselves very seriously and our posts here, like on our instagram account, are light and hopefully sometimes funny. We’re not the typical “selfie” traveler couple. We hope you stick around and enjoy our take on this crazy world that, one day, we hope to travel in its entirety.