Monday, April 6, 2020
The Gomin Look

Step Up Your Instagram Game

“When will you be sharing the presets that you use on most of your Instagram posts?” On a daily basis, we get that sort of DM from our amazing community of travelers, nomads and photographers.

The way Gominplanet has evolved is exciting – we’ve grown to over 20,000 followers in less than two years and have been able to attract some pretty incredible partners and brands along the way. We like to think that our attitude and work ethics is paying off but we have to admit that most of our partners/clients are always mentioning our picture style first and love to blend their storytelling and brand with our look.

Get inspired…

We have been selling quite a lot of our various Lightroom Preset packs in the past 6 months and now that we’ve compiled the most used and most requested looks, we are able to deliver to you the Essentials Pack which includes our Gomin Look.

Included in the Gomin Look + Essentials Pack” is also a 45 minute video tutorial sharing some tips and tricks on how to use Lightroom and some off the effects you can achieve using this new pack.

The Gomin Look - 130 Lightroom Presets + Bonus Video Tutorial

It’s all about inspiration and consistency. This pack is not telling you that “our look will be your look” and you won’t have to worry about finding what style clients will want you to convey. It is simply a start where you can explore the many possibilities of what Lightroom can bring to your images.

Shot in Aspen, atop Snowmas – with a Sony A7ii. We typically shoot a full step or two down so that our Gomin presets shine. We love this shot!
Dull looking image shot on a Nikon takes on new life with one simple preset and a few tweaks explained in our full length video.
Shoot on an iPhone or a $10,000 camera – it doesn”t matter. Elevate those pictures today!

Check out more examples below. Add some depth and texture to your photos, fix the lighting, enhance a specific tone and change the mood ion one quick click.

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