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St. Martin • Marigot’s Waterfront

What is Marigot Market?

On Wednesday and Saturday mornings the best open-air market on St. Maarten is held in the French town of Marigot. Stalls manned by locals selling fruit and vegetables, spices, local meats and fresh fish caught that day are housed under a mass of open Creole huts along the water front.

Fresh fish preparation is done right in front of the customer. They also offer some of the biggest Caribbean lobsters anyone’s ever seen.

Fishermen dock by 5AM, bringing the freshest seafood you will ever lay your eyes on. This colorful weekly event is also a cheap place to pick up spices and other authentic souvenirs and has some of the best people watching on the island. Some of the famous lolos (local restaurants) are located on the other side of the street.

Rib & Chicken shacks also offering some impressive seafood and the must-try island famous: Jonny Cake (a deep fried bread like goodness)

Opposite the Lolo’s is a stone statue, erected by Martin Lynn and generously offered by an

American to the then Municipalité of St. Martin, commemorating black female market sellers.

Marigot’s market also boasts around a hundred craft stands manned by locals and foreigners, spread out in a small arena or in kiosks. You can find the classic Caribbean shirt with palm trees and pelicans and perfect souvenirs such as jewelry, wooden sculptures, paintings or booze!

Here, tourists can sample the full range of flavored rums (rhum arrange in French), subtle blends of rum, fruits and spices, and Shrub (orange peel crushed into rum). There’s a drink to suit everyone’s palate.

Street vendor showing off his home made infused rum and offers free tasting so you can better decide which one to take home.
Infused Rum is popular in every Caribbean island and St. Martin is no different. They’ve tried every possible combination from Passion Fruit and Orange Ginger to Coconut and Mango Vanilla. We guarantee you’ll find the one you love to sip here.
The market not only sells fish and meat but fresh colorful fruit ever Wednesday and Saturday morning.
Some exquisite pieces can be found in the most unusual places. Make sure you take your time, ask questions and enjoy the no pressure attitude of the French expat sellers. Don’t forget to haggle 😉

What We Recommend

That tastiest treats are at Sarafinas in Marigot.

1• Stop at Sarafinas for a sweet or savory crepe or sweet “mignardises”. This spot is the most popular breakfast place on the island. Don’t mind the long line – it moves and it’s worth it. Their coffee is also out of this world and they offer free Wifi.

The fish is caught, cleaned and sold right before your eyes. Doesn’t get any fresher than that.

2• Watch the locals and expats buy their fresh seafood and take a stroll around the Marigot Market. Wander around the various booths and barter with the vendors to find the perfect souvenirs for you or a loved one.

3• End up in either West Indies Mall to shop big name brands or end up at the top of Fort Louis for the most magnificent view of Marigot.

The West Indies Mall is a high end location boasting some of the most expensive brands. Beautifully decorated, the mall has a terrace on the third floor where you can stop for the view and some great food.
At the top of the old Fort Louis stands the French flag where you can pose and take in the breathtaking views of Marigot and the Caribbean Sea.
The view from Fort Louis. You can see all the way to the Dutch side from here and even catch of glimpse of Anguilla (the neighboring island)

Come early and be done before lunch. Drive back to your hotel for a nap or explore a little further into French side St. Martin for amazing restaurants in Grand Case, Marigot (lagoon side) or Oyster Pond.

Center of the Marigot Plaza – by the waterfront –

We cannot talk about Marigot without making sure you know about the Marigot Ferry. This ferry takes you to Anguilla and St. Barth multiple times a day for a very reasonable rate. Make sure to pack your passport and your flip flops.

Located on the waterfront, across the West Indies Mall and next to the Lolos, this ferry is like a bus service: no need for reservations, just pay at the window, show your passport to the french agent and wait for the next boat. You can be on an Anguilla within the hour. St. Barth is a longer ride but easy none the less.
This type of inexpensive ferry will take you to Anguilla in 30 minutes. They have departures once an hour.