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St. Maarten’s Lowest Airplane Approach Caught on Video

Many have asked about our airport and its famous plane spotting location. Princess Juliana Airport (SXM) has been the main Dutch side airport since 1942. In 1997, the government commissioned a major upgrade of the main terminal that would happen in three phases. We are, in 2018, still in phase 3. Hurricane Irma did not help the upgrade efforts as the roof of the terminal blew off and the entire building suffered water damage.

There is a single runway at SXM. in 2007, Runway 10 was made wider and longer to accommodate larger aircrafts (45 meters wide and 60 meters added on each end of the runway) and the airport is now the main hub of the North East Caribbean and was awarded many awards for its beautification and top quality amenities and services.

Almost 2 Million passenger go through SXM every year. No accident have ever occurred on runway 10. The airport is now being rebuilt and should be fully operational “soon”.

The video above shows a PAWA airplane in 2016 in one of the lowest approaches and landing ever caught on video (yes, this was caught with Michelle’s iPhone in 120fps).