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Review: Rainforest Adventure in St. Maarten – The Steepest Zip-line in the World

The Best and Newest Attraction in St. Maarten

We can’t rave enough about St. Maarten’s newest and best attraction, Rainforest Adventures ! It has everything you could possibly be looking for- views for days, adventure, speed, twists and turns! It’s fun for the whole family.

Rainforest Adventure St. Maarten Logo

We were greeted by super friendly staff who helped get us started. The only thing we weren’t a fan of was stepping on the dreaded scale…aaahhh! But it’s totally understandable, makes sense to have a maximum weight when flying down the steepest zip line in the world at 58 mph! Thankfully, we were both under the 275 pound weight limit- ppphhhheww! Let the thrills begin!

Rainforest Adventure St. Maarten LogoAfter checking us in we headed through the Rainforest Adventure St. Maarten Museum which used to be a plantation house. It tells the history of the plantation that used to be where the park is now located. It’s small, but definitely worth taking a few minutes to read and check out the artifacts.


The first attraction at Rainforest Adventure is the Sky Explorer. It’s a comfortable chair lift that takes you to the other attractions, as well as the lookout point at the top of the mountain. It’s an easy and enjoyable ride with stunning views all around you.Seb is shooting incredible views from the Sky Explorer at Rainforest Adventure in St. Maarten

Tourists are going up the mountain in the comfortable Sky Explorer at Rainforest Adventure in St. Maarten


Half way up the mountain you can exit the chair lift to try the Schooner. Man oh man, what a ride it was! You sit in a tube that takes you sliding down the hill at an unbelievably fast pace all the while holding on as tightly as you can! The tube even twists and turns the whole ride down- it was so awesome!

Seb is zooming down the mountain on this fast inflatable tube at Rainforest Adventure in St. MaartenOnce you get to the bottom of the Schooner you hand over your tube to a staff member and hop back on the Sky Explorer.


This time, while passing the exist for the Schooner, we stayed on the chair lift to continue to the next ride, Sentry Hill Zip Line. This one might have been our favorite, but it’s hard to tell as each ride was just so much fun! A few staff members helped strap us in to all our gear (safety first) and off we went. There was a quick 2 minute hike to the first of four zip lines.Seb is walking towards the Tree Top Zip Line at Rainforest Adventure in St. Maarten

Each zip seemed faster and better than the one before and the view was absolutely gorgeous! One of the coolest things was that you didn’t need to do anything to stop yourself, it did it on its own- that was a first for us and made it easy to have our hands free to take pictures and video (please be careful if doing that- whatever you drop will be long gone). We didn’t want it to end. – read about what camera we use and why.

Seb and Michelle are loving their Rainforest Adventure St. Maarten helmets

The tree top zip line boasts amazing 360 degrees views of the island at Rainforest Adventure St. MaartenAfter zipping down all 4 lines, the staff helped us out of all our gear (we wanted to steal the sweet helmets, but that was a no no..haha) and we hopped on the second part of the Rainforest Adventure Sky Explorer to the very top! Michelle wants to keep her Rainforest Adventure St. Maarten helmet


It was so crazy to see how high we were! After getting off the lift we walked around for awhile and enjoyed the 360 degree view of St. Maarten. It felt like we could see everything from up there, the view was just so breathtaking. We also made sure to stop at their little bar before the last ride down. We tried their version of a tequila sunrise and it was delicious! A nice blend of juices, tequila and rum. We thought about going back to the top just to get another drink.. haha…Not a bad spot at the top of Rainforest Adventure St. Maarten - views for daysRefreshments are served at the top of Rainforest Adventure St. Maarten


When we were finished, it was go time: The Flying Dutchman! The world’s steepest zip line with a 1,000 foot drop and a speed of up to 58mph. This bad boy is no joke! What we loved the most about it was it’s a cloth-like chair instead of the harness around your legs and stomach, making the ride down super comfortable and freeing.Tourists launch from the Flying Dutch Man: the steepest zip-line in the world at Rainforest Adventure St. Maarten

What a thrill to be rushing down the mountain while still being able to take in your surroundings.

Our day ended far too quickly but we both know we will be back – we hear that Rainforest Adventure St. Maarten will be adding lines to their Sentry Hill Zip-Line soon.. we can’t wait to go back!!Helpful staff at Rainforest Adventure St. Maarten