In exchange for 6 Junior Swim Out Suites (12 people) at Sonesta Ocean Point, Gominplanet will produce the following content:

  • 4 x 3-5 minute videos of the band playing at the resort (audio prerecorded and fully synced into the music video).

  • 4x 15 minute video yoga sessions (title effects + commercial licensed music).

  • 1x 1 minute video of the hotel during our stay (published on our social accounts and delivered to client).

  • Daily stories with appropriate tags, location and hashtags during our stay.

  • 2 static Instagram/Facebook posts with the resort as main focus to be posted on our feed with appropriate tags, locations and hashtags.

We shoot with a SONY mirrorless camera, prime and zoom lenses to accommodate various scenes, edit with Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro for color correction as well as After Effects for titles and 3D effects and tracking. The entire project will be delivered in 4:2:2 10bit uncompressed codec+1080 HD web resolution.

Our Past Work