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    Expedia Savings

    Go Mobile and Search Often

    The Expedia mobile app has many different advantages to it that you can take advantage of for maximizing your upcoming trip. The main advantage is that it immediately uses your GPS to locate where you are, and then gives you local Expedia deals that match. While on the road, this feature is great to go through as many relevant deals as possible. Some tips for taking advantage of this include the following.

    • Get up to 60 percent off on 140k+ hotels- The mobile app has deals that you won’t find anywhere else, specific to your current location. If you want to switch your country so that you see deals for that location instead, you can do that too. Then you’ll get instant suggestions for ways to save that only mobile customers will see.
    • Look for Local Flight Deals-You can also look through the pictures on the right under “Flight.”
    • Use The Mobile App for “spur of the moment” trips– It’s a fast way to see what’s going on nearby so you can jump on it. They showcase incredible last minute deals for a variety of destinations.

    Booking Tips

    It’s a good idea, before you finalize any booking, to make sure you do your due diligence regarding savings opportunities. There are a ton of ways to save money on Expedia, and spending a few extra minutes to make sure you have everything covered. After all, if you book a large enough trip, we could be talking about hundreds or even thousands of dollars here. Even saving a few percent could save you hundreds of dollars!

    • Use Packages– While you can buy your hotel, car rental, and so on separately, using the Expedia package deals
    • Always Check Featured Deals-Expedia has a deals section that shows special deals every day. Before you finalize any trip, make sure you scan the recent deals. There might just be something that matches your trip! This could save you a bunch of money.
    • Sign up for “Travel Deals” Through Email.– This will ensure that you don’t miss any deal from forgetting to check Expedia in any particular day. This way, the deals will come to you!
    • Use the “Best Rate Guarantee!-Expedia offers you the ability to find cheaper rates in other places online and apply them to a booking offered on Expedia. Some restrictions apply, but this could save you money.
    • Look for Expedia coupons online in other places– Sites like “Retailmenot” could have additional coupons for Expedia that you could use, for example.
    • Use the “Things to Do” tab for Ticket Deals-This tab on Expedia will have stuff like deals to Sea World, Disneyland, and so on. So if you want to visit an attraction while you’re travelling, it’s quite a useful tool to check.

    Expedia Rewards and Cash-back Programs

    Sign up for the Expedia Rewards Program for Hotel and Flight Bonuses– This will let you earn points for everything you book through Expedia. Eventually you can earn free flights with the coupons, and there’s no blackout dates or additional restrictions like with some other sites. So you can use this for Christmas plans, for example.

    Always use one account to book everything– Whenever possible, have one person use one account to book everything, This will make the points go up the fastest, and give you the fastest and best rewards as a result. You can also qualify for the “Plus” program if you spend enough this way. When we say enough, we don’t mean necessarily thousands of dollars – We have quickly gone up to the silver status which gives us free nights, cheaper flights and better car rental rates. What’s not to love.

    Try Cash-back sites– There are several online, and they will allow you to earn a small percentage of what you spend on Expedia.

    Make Expedia your first stop and you’ll see why it’ll probably be your last as well.