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7 Tips on How to Shoot & Edit Instagram Photos

Most users on Instagram are not professional photographers. Most of us don't have the crazy gear the pros can afford and yet, some of us can achieve some pretty amazing results. It's all in the little tricks we will share with you today.

Free Instagram Highlight Stories Icons

Ever wanted to have your own icons displayed on your Instagram bio? A place where you can keep your highlighted stories in order and...

FREE – 3 Photoshop Templates for Instagram Stories

Hey there fellow travelers, we have been loving using Instagram Stories ever since it came out and we want to share with you 3 templates we created on Photoshop. The download is FREE and you can use it however you want. (as long as you don’t try and sell it). The download is just over 25MB (as a ZIP file) and the 3 templates are contained on the same psd file.

FREE “Insta-Flat” Lightroom Preset

We call it the “Insta Flat” and it works wonders on any portrait, nature shots and some architecture images. We love it so much and we can’t wait to see what you guys come up with – tag us in your images @gominplanet . Let us know if this is something you would like more of and we’ll get to work. Share this link with anyone that might be interested in “upping their Instagram game.

Review: Sony A7 – The Best Travel Camera Ever?

Back in December, we decided to take the plunge.. No, no - not that "plunge" (we're already married). We switched camera brands and this...