St. Maarten's Lowest Airplane Approach Caught on Video

Many have asked about our airport and its famous plane spotting location. Princess Juliana Airport (SXM) has been the main Dutch side airport since 1942. In 1997, the government commissioned a major upgrade of the main terminal that would happen in three phases. We are, in 2018, still in phase 3. The video above shows a PAWA airplane in 2016 in one of the lowest approaches ever caught on video (yes, this was caught with Michelle's iPhone in 120fps).
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Hey there fellow travelers, we have been loving using Instagram Stories ever since it came out and we want to share with you 3 templates we created on Photoshop. The download is FREE and you can use it however you want. (as long as you don’t try and sell it). The download is just over 25MB (as a ZIP file) and the 3 templates are contained on the same psd file.
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