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The 6 Reasons Why Iceland Will Amaze You


From the moment we landed near Reykjavik, we knew we were in a pretty special place. After a few minutes at the car rental agency – we stepped outside to what seemed to be a sunny day. Only one thing: it was 2AM. We can only imagine how many tourists every summer forget about the perpetual sunshine all over Iceland. 

We visited Iceland for a week and never got used to it. We recommend walking or driving around town at 3 or 4 AM. It feels incredibly odd to see no cars or pedestrians during what seems to be the middle of the afternoon.


We liked to imagine we were driving a lunar buggy, especially while on the road from the airport to Reykjavik. We witnessed incredible and unusual terrain as we drove our little Hyundai i20 on and off-road. Our first day there, we simply chose a winding road and took off not really knowing where it would take us. #justgetlost


This beautiful location is home to a very punctual geyser. It erupts every 3 to 7 minutes and is impressive in its height and noise. We actually flew our little spark drone right next to it while it exploded – side note – don’t whip out your drone unless you don’t mind it being soaked. A part of the Golden Circle popular touristic tours, Thingvellir is a must for anyone wishing to experience something truly unique.


For some in our group, this experience was an amazing one – for others – it was the worst of their life. One thing’s for sure, no one will ever forget it.

Our scheduled dive day was a cold and rainy one, the set up which included instructions and gearing up took 90 minutes. Once our dry suits were tightly fitted, (attention claustrophobic readers: your neck area and face will be squeezed and most will wear a collar just to make it even tighter) we walked 1/4 mile towards the entry point.

Getting in was easy but staying in was the hard part. The water was a cool 2 degrees Celsius and your fingers and lips go numb in a matter of seconds. The whole tour lasts 30 minutes and ends with hot chocolate.

This picture below is our little group moments after getting out of the water. Any questions?


We pre-booked our tickets which were roughly USD$100 per person and away we went. This place is in a secluded region outside of Reykjavik (about an hour drive) and the road towards the lagoon is very scenic. Our tickets included the entrance, the silica and algae mud masks, one drink, bathrobe, slippers and towels. We spent roughly 3 hours soaking in the blue water and swimming around from hot tubs to water bars. There is a limit of 3 drinks per person and all consumables are swiped on your entrance bracelet. No need to bring any money – just don’t forget your waterproof camera. The masks feel amazing and the water does bring out a certain glow in everyone’s faces. We would go back in a heartbeat!

Later that evening, we dined at the blue Lagoon’s LAVA restaurant and were welcomed with a glass of Prosecco, which was included with our package. The food was delicious and had a fine dining flair.

*LAVA restaurant was expensive and, after a long warm soak in the lagoon, may not be the best place to unwind.


The 5 hour drive from Reykjavik to the Svinafellsjokull was filled with gorgeous pit stops where photos had to be taken. A waterfall, a cool looking rock formation, another waterfall, a lake, more waterfalls – you get the picture.

There is no picture in the world that can do justice to the incredible colors and atmosphere around the glacier. Next time we are in Iceland, we will be taking one of those driving glacier tours.

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